Tisbury Electric Car Club

By Nadder Community Energy, in Tisbury, United Kingdom

Become a member of a car club that saves you money, hassle, and does good for the environment.

Your cars are based in Tisbury and can be easily booked online. But first, you need to join us and become a member. As an early-joiner, you will get a discounted membership! Just fill in the application below and if you meet the eligibility criteria, we’ll be in touch about your first payment.

Before you start your application, please make sure you have:

– Your driving licence

– Your National Insurance number

– To get your driving licence “check code” from : the DVLA site

– Photo or scan of your proof of address (from utility, council, bank) from the last 3 months

– Photo or scan of your passport or driving licence

You will be asked to pay your early-bird discounted membership fee of £40. If for any reason your application fails, you will be reinbursed in full.


Imagine being able to use a car without the hassle of having to maintain it. Imagine not having the expenses of buying, insuring, MOT and fuel. Imagine instead a pay-as-you-go car. It could be ready and waiting for you to use as much or as little as you need.

Is your second car parked collecting dust?

Is the expense and hassle of a car putting you off some journeys you would like to make?

Could you sometimes do with an extra car to juggle the complications life sometimes sends?


This Nadder Community Energy project, based in Tisbury, aims to provide environmentally friendly car hire for the local community.

With collection points at the Nadder Centre and at the bottom of the village. It will provide accessible car rental for when you need it without the investment costs of purchasing your own private transport.

With significant savings for an average household’s normal expenditure on transport, it will also make private car use affordable for people who otherwise have to rely on public transport.

In an Electric car, you will be driving a low carbon vehicle that reduces emissions, improves air quality and helps to decarbonise the local environment.

As a community-based project, the financial benefits of electrification will come to the local economy with locally owned resources and by generating additional disposable income for community residents. In partnership with other local businesses and transport organisations, the project is based on a proven car club model adapted to the use of electric cars and for community benefit.

Nadder Community Energy

NCE have a proven record of supporting schools, farms and local businesses in the installation of solar panels helping the local generation of Electricity, for more information see their website: www.nadderce.org.uk. This is a new venture into green transport that has achieved initial funding from Power for Change but needs to raise additional funds to help with start up and the provision of a 2nd Car.

The project Team

Gustavo Montes de Oca, project lead, Catherine Allison project manager and Julie Phillips, community engagement are working to launch the scheme by the end of April 2020. You can get more information from our website www.tisburyelectriccarclub.com

Join Early for extra discounts, donate to support a local initiative or sponsor us to advertise your business! Email to find out more community@nadderce.org.uk