Tisbury Electric Car Club

By Nadder Community Energy, in Tisbury, United Kingdom

Become a member of a car club that saves you money, hassle, and does good for the environment.

Your cars are based in Tisbury at the Nadder Center and Village Car Park and can be easily booked online. But first, you need to become a member. There is a promotional price of £10: keep in mind this includes your insurance, MOT, maintenance (inculding tyres), and removes the hassles of car ownership.

Before you start your application, please make sure you have:

– Your driving licence

– Your National Insurance number

– Your driving licence “check code” from the DVLA site

– Photo or scan of 2 proof of address (from utility, council, bank) from the last 3 months

– Photo or scan of your passport or driving licence

You will be asked to pay your membership fee of £10. If for any reason you are not eligible for membership, you will be reinbursed in full.