Local wheels by the hour.

Pay as you go


1st hour £5.50

2nd, 3rd, 4th hour: £1.83 each

4 hours: £11 total

 8 hours: £16.49 total

 12 hours: £21.99 total

24 hours: £30.03 total

36 hours: £38.07 total


Drive Clean

All our cars are electric. They emit no greenhouse gasses, nitrogen oxide, or exhaust particulates. This is a taste of the future as new fossil fuel vehicles will be banned by 2030.


Free fuel

As long as you stay within the range of the cars during your booking, you will not have to recharge them – we will do that for you, saving you fuel expenses.


Compared to car ownership:

  • no insurance costs
  • no maintenance costs
  • no MOT costs
  • no fuel cost

Savings compared to car ownership

Research by CoMo – the shared mobility chartiy – suggests that drivers can make significant savings by joining a car club instead of buying and running their own car. This will depend on each persons circumstances. We are more than happy to work through yours. Get in touch.

Miles driven per year

Potential Savings

How does it work?


Fill in the application form: here .

We’ll let you know when your application is approved and arrange for another member to help you on your first journey.


Buy credit for driving hours: here you can only book if you are in credit.


Go to the car you have booked at the time you have booked. You can access your car either by tapping your membership card on the RFID pad in the car, or using the website from your phone. (an app is coming soon!)

Picking up your car
Returning your car

Sparky Goes to London

SPARKY GOES TO LONDON! On his first trip to the big lights, Sparky motors on down to the city before taking in a few sites,  recharging and coming home to Tisbury Thanks to the fantastic new deals the Tisbury Electric Car Club are offering, you can hire an electric...


Reach Us

We’re always keen to hear from you. Do you want to calculate our potential savings? Hear more about how the club works? Interested in supporting this project?If you have been in touch before – please note that our form has not been working and try again.


Beyond Generation

 Tisbury Electric Car Club is a new project from Nadder Community Energy. We have installed solar panels on local schools, farms and businesses, with the profits from the sale of renewable electricity going into a community fund to support local people and projects. We are now looking beyond generating electricity into other areas where we all use energy.